“A year from now you may wish you had started today”

Me, Yash Goenka and my friend, Dharmik Bhayani wanted to do something like this i.e. starting a Youtube channel or starting a blog, basically sharing our ideas with the world since a long time but due to several reasons we always procrastinated it. But on May 18, 2017 we finally decided to start a blog and thus we researched on the internet on how to start a blog and thus technovation was established.

Here we write about the on going trends in technology. We present our views and share our ideas with the world. Sometimes when we read a blog we would think that “there is something missing” or “if this thing was done this way it would have been much better” so now we have a place where we can share our ideas.

Yash Goenka     unnamed

Yash Goenka                                           Dharmik Bhayani


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