5 Best Kickstarter Start-ups

You probably know what is a start-up, right? If not let me just tell you what is a start-up. Suppose you have an idea for a product or a service or anything like making a film or album etc and you want to implement this idea and start your own company. So initially your company will be known as a start-up. But in order to do that you need a large amount of fund. Now what amount of fund you need depends on your business idea. So from where to get this huge fund?

There are many ways to get funding. You can apply for a loan or contact investors and pitch them your idea etc. On April 29, 2008, Kickstarter was launched. So now you might be having the question that what is Kickstarter? Well, it’s a project that strives towards funding people’s start-up. It connects you with the people all around the world who are willing to help you. You can upload your idea on its website and if people around the world like your idea and if they want, they can pledge you some amount of money. In return the creator(or the team) i.e. the one who is the owner of the start-up can give them something in return as a token of thanks. For example, he can give you the limited edition of his start-up’s product or give the product of his start-up at a cheaper price etc.

There are thousands of start-ups on the Kickstart’s website. But in this article, I am going to tell you about 10 Kickstarter start-ups that are amazing in my opinion and you can check them out yourself on the website and if you like them you can also donate some money or buy it for yourself.

1. LucidCatcher – VR Dreaming Wearable

Yes! You can control your dream. Doesn’t that sound amazing? By using this gadget you can control your dreams. You will be aware in your dreams that it’s a dream or you can say that your mind will be conscious but your body will be asleep.

So how does it work? You have to just wear it while sleeping and you will be able to control your dreams. Of course, we can’t say how will be the experience of using this product without trying it out ourselves but it sounds freaking awesome.

You can get more information on this product on the official page. You can even order one for yourself by pledging 35$ as of now. Hurry! It’s limited edition.

2. TriLens – Change lenses in the blink of an eye

This is a life saver for anyone who is into photography and has to change the camera lens more often. It makes changing the lens very easy and less clumsy.


Now you will be able to change your camera lens in less time and in a systematic way and thus won’t miss any shots because of changing lens.

You can get more information about its price, functioning, durability etc on the official page.

3. Ahead – Turn Any Helmet Into A Smart Helmet

We all love to listen to music when we are riding. But it’s very clumsy and comfortable to wear headphones with the helmet. It’s ver inconvenient. Also if you want to talk to someone while driving as it is risky to take out your phone from your pocket and then talk without stopping the vehicle.


This is where Ahead comes into the play. It turns any helmet into a smart helmet. It has the following features.


Yes, that small triangular object is able to convert any helmet into a smart helmet. Now it would look like that sound quality of the audio delivered through that device would be very poor considering the size and many other functionalities fitted into the small package but that is not the case. It doesn’t have bad sound quality at all because, instead of speakers, Ahead uses an oscillator to pass sound directly into your helmet so that you can clearly hear music, conversations, and other voice feedback from your phone. This works on any helmet, open or closed, padded or thin. You can pledge some money and buy it on the official page.


4. BuildOne: $99 3D Printer w/ WiFi and Auto Bed Leveling!

First of those who don’t know what is a 3D Printer. It’s a printer that can convert digital 3D objects into real-life physical objects that you can touch and feel like any other physical object.


Now 3D printers are not cheap. So not everybody can buy them. So, if you are like me and want to buy a 3D printer just for fun, your search is over. The BuildOne 3D printer costs only and 99$ and it’s packing a lot of features for the price like Wi-fi, auto calibration, auto leveling, modularity, LED status and panic button.

These are some of the objects printed using this printer:



.You can find out more on the official page.

5. ZEE SMARTEST Phone Case Memory+Battery+WirelessCharge

This case will be the last case you will ever need for your phone. Yes, there is no typing mistake this case has an inbuilt battery, storage, flashlight and can also wirelessly charge your phone. It’s amazing.


And the best thing about this case is you don’t have to buy a new case if you change your phone. As you can see there are 2 pieces that make this case, one is the outer case and other is the Core. Now if you change your phone you just have to buy an outer case because the same core can be fitted into any outer case.


You can find more on the official page.

These were just some of the start-ups. There are other thousands of great start-ups on the Kickstarter website. You can check them out if you are interested or you can even apply if you have a good business idea.Also if you want to check other cool accessories for your smartphone check this out.

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