How Technology has changed our lives!

Technology has changed all our lives in one or many ways. In each and every aspect of our life technology has had a major impact, be it communication, social interaction, shopping, payments, sharing stuff, travelling, health, education, photography etc.

Now take a moment and travel back 10 years in time. At that time however you used to complete a certain everyday task has is completely different from now. Now you no longer have to stand in queues to pay a phone bill. The cost of calling someone is negligible.

So let’s have a look at different sectors of technology that have changed our life:

1. Mobile Phones:

Mobile Phones have had the greatest impact on our lives than anything else. Nowadays almost everyone has a smartphone. And it has become an integral part of our everyday lives. We talk, shop, entertain ourselves, take pics on our smartphone.

But do you know which company invented the mobile phone? It was Motorola. Yes you read it right it was not Nokia or Samsung or Apple or any other leading mobile phone company nowadays but it was Motorola. This is how the world’s first mobile phone looked like:

Motorola DynaTAC

This is where it all started. After this phone kept getting smaller, faster,  power efficient, affordable and kept getting better at everything. And ultimately Mobile Phone became Smartphone.

Mobile phones over the years

In 2007, as Steve Jobs said in the keynote (I personally love this video), “Apple reinvented the mobile phone” and yes it did. The first ever iPhone was released in 2007. And it was first of its kind.

The first iPhone

Now many people nowadays say that why is iPhone so popular there are many phones out there which are just as good as iPhone and some are even better than iPhone. Well, this is the reason iPhone was first of its kind.

After this Android came into play and many companies like Samsung, HTC, LG etc started making Android phones to compete with Apple.

Due to this development in the mobile phone industry, our lives have become much easier. Using these smartphones and the internet you can talk to anyone in the world from anywhere. You can buy things without even going to a shop. We are able to click amazing photos without a camera. Following is an example:

And the list goes on and on like ordering food, making video calls, mobile banking etc. There are endless things you can do through your smartphone and the list just keeps getting bigger and better with the time.

Picture taken on S8
Smartphones nowadays

2. Televisions (Display)

Before going into details let’s just have a look on how the televisions used to look and how do they look now? Below is a picture of a television in the 19th century:

RCA 630-TS Television

And this is a picture of a television in 2017:


Just do one thing go to an electronics store near you and have a look on Samsung QLED TV. It has 8.3 million pixels. It’s crazy, right? Believe me, it looks just gorgeous, and not just Samsung many companies make amazing displays today.

And it’s not just the display the thickness and overall dimensions of the of the TVs have also decreased significantly while increasing the functionality and features.

W series TV from LG (side view)

Yes, the vertical line in the image is the thickness of the TV. This TV is made by LG it is insanely thin and it also looks gorgeous as you can see below, it’s the same TV.


There are many features available on these smart TVs. You can browse the web, stream content directly from the web, download games, make video calls, stream content wirelessly from other devices such as a laptop, mobile and even some cameras.

And it’s not only TVs even displays on mobile phones have improved drastically. The best example is Samsung Galaxy S8 it has a gorgeous display. I think it’s the best display you can find on a phone. It has 84% screen-to-body ratio and it packs 4.2 million pixels and it has a whopping 570ppi. As I said it’s gorgeous.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Nowadays almost every gadget that has a display is available with a touchscreen display. Some cameras, washing machines, refrigerators, microwaves, ovens, cars etc have touchscreen displays with a decent resolution.

Nikon D7500 (Touchscreen)
Samsung Refrigerator
Tesla’s Car

3. Cars

This is the first automobile in the history of the car. Its name was Benz Patent-Motorwagen. It was developed by Karl Benz. It was invented in 1885.


Now its main function was to take people from one place to another. And actually, this is the main purpose of any car, even nowadays. But now cars are able to do so much more.

Just like any other piece of equipment cars also have become faster, stronger, durable, power efficient, cheaper, smarter and better in every other aspect.

Cars nowadays

Looks amazing, right? Just see how much it has changed. And the change is not just visual it is better in all possible ways.

Now when you are driving a car the car can do so much for you. You can listen to songs, watch videos and movies, enjoy a massage (Of course you need to have a high-end car which has massaging seats) and you don’t even need to worry about the weather as every car has a heater and an air conditioner.


Above is the interior of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

Electric and Hybrid Cars:

Today, in order to protect and sustain the environment manufacturers are working on developing electric cars. The best example of electric cars are cars made by Tesla. These cars have a range of approximately 300km on a single charge. And in the coming years, many more electric cars from different automakers will become available.

Apart from electric cars, there are also some hybrid cars available. These type of cars use both electricity and fuel to run. But due to the combination of the two, we are able to get a better mileage. Toyota Prius is one of the most popular hybrid cars.

To know about how Tesla is taking steps to sustain the environment do check out our article.

Self-Driving Cars:

The most recent development is self-driving cars. It means that you don’t need to drive the car just enter the destination and the car will drive itself you just sit back and relax. Now, this is possible because of the development of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Due to the developments in these technologies, the car is able to gather the information about its surrounding and analyse that data and it is then able to take appropriate decisions based on the data it collected. For example, if there is a speed limit sign of 60km/hr then the car will read and set the car speed limit to 60km/hr i.e. the car won’t go above the speed limit of 60km/hr. The following footage shows an accident being predicted by a Tesla Model X (A car made by Tesla) and taking the required action.

These were the some of the major areas in which have developed incomparably. One more major area which is developing at a notable pace is Internet of Things (IoT) about which you can check out in our article about IoT.


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