Tesla’s Long Term Plan for Sustaining the Environment

We are all familiar with the company known as “Tesla“. It is very famous for the electric cars they produce because of the technology used in the car and the on road range (how many miles per charge) of the car. The main purpose of these cars is to reduce pollution and thus protect the environment.

A common question that occurs is that if the car runs on electricity then producing the electricity, to begin with causes pollution. Therefore, if more electric cars are being used, the need for electricity will increase thus increasing the amount of pollution due to the production of electricity, so how exactly is Tesla helping in improving the environment?

Through this article, we will answer this question and explain what might be Tesla’s long-term plan for sustaining the environment.

These are some of the steps that Tesla have taken to completely eradicate the use of fossil fuels:

1. Producing electricity through solar panels.

The main concern that arose was that the production of electricity causes pollution. However, if electricity is produced using solar panels then there will be no pollution.

Therefore, Tesla produces energy using the solar panels; it even sells these solar panels commercially. It also sells solar roof tiles which are available to everyone, thus allowing anyone to buy and install them on their roof and enjoy the free and clean energy.

Tesla is running a whole island on solar energy.


2. Tesla’s Gigafactory

In cooperation with Panasonic and other strategic partners, the Gigafactory will produce batteries for a significantly decreased cost using economies of scale, innovative manufacturing, reduction of waste, and the simple optimisation of locating most manufacturing process under one roof.  The Gigafactory will also be powered by renewable energy sources, with the goal of achieving net zero energy.

Tesla is planning to finalise the locations of three more Gigafactories in the coming years, currently the company have established two Gigafactories: one in Nevada and the other in Buffalo.

3. Storing the energy (Powerwall comes into play)

There is no sun in the night so how can we get energy in the night? The answer is simple, store the energy when there is sun and then use it in night.

For this, Tesla makes ‘Powerwall’ it basically provides backup power when there are no other sources of electricity. Powerwall stores energy from solar panels or solar roof made by Tesla

These Powerwalls, solar panels, solar roof are produced in Tesla’s gigafactory.

So you store power that is produced during day and use it during the night, it is as simple as that.

Of course this isn’t cheap, but after all you are protecting the environment and getting free energy so I think it’s worth it.

powerwall battery

4. Electric Vehicles

Currently, there are two cars which can be bought they are the “Tesla S” and “Tesla X”. There is also the model called the “Tesla 3”, but it is only available to be pre-ordered so it can be delivered to you around mid-2018.  The Tesla 3 is the most affordable car created by Tesla, it starts from $35,000.

All these cars are electric so there is no pollution. There are 848 supercharger stations with 5487 superchargers available. You can approximately run 170 miles of range by charging for just half an hour using these superchargers.

These cars can also be charged at home.

At present, there are a limited number of vehicles available but Tesla is planning to make all sorts of other vehicles like pickup trucks, minibuses etc.


So who knows, maybe in another 10 or 20 years, fossil fuels will no longer be the main source of energy as the world will be running on renewable sources.


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